Saturday, 5 October 2013

My hobby!

Okay, I would like to speak English even I know that my grammar was really bad, but who cares? haha. At first, I wanna say that my hobby is.. Reading and learning! But what kind of books? Obviously it is Language Books, I really love to learn so many languages, but the problem is, I can't, because, I  didn't have any of learning language books such as TeachYourself Spanish, TeachYourself Arabic, etc! I really want it actually, but I can't go to the bookshops, cause I don't know how to driving la, lol. Plus, I am still young and don't have any license. But, actually, I really try to learn Arabic in so many ways but it's kinda hard! I must go to Google Translate to write the arabic, and for the sign of each letters! sometimes I really spell the word wrong because I just spell it on my own way. LOL. I hope one day I can fluent in English, Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, if I can go to Egypt for continue studying, hihi. Okay, I have to go, dadaaa ! ::) thanks for reading.