Monday, 9 February 2015

Talking about MONEY..

Well.. lately you know I'm currently involve in selling women dresses.. which is my part-time job.. it's been great.

And that's why I have a lot of money lately (not too much laa) it's about RM245 in my bank account.. actually it is included me being a teacher at a primary school for a while.. about a week. I've earn RM150 tere for a week and I ask my dad to transfer to my CIMB bank account, cuz there's a lot of thing that I wanna buy online.. HAHA!

First, I'm buying this Ibnu Sina EyeWear trading which cost RM60 (it's a pinhole glass) you know, for improving you eyes vision. and tomorrow I just know that it's actually RM26 in petaling street. but it is not the original one. HMM speechless. It's my mistake for silence-shopping! Hmm.. HAHA.

Then, a few weeks later I bought Marine Soap the cheapest one that I found on Internet.. normal price RM45.. but I found one who sell it with just RM40

After that.. I'm feeling that I need to be a lil fatter.. cuz I'm too skinny.. so I bought Gain Eight at prive RM45.. I just find a supplement Vitamin B-Complex for gaining some weght on internet and it does really work because there's a lot of people giving their testimony.. but I'm afraid if it gives me any side effect.. so I won't buy it.

So I bought gain Eight.. actually I just wanna choose Chocolate Flavour but the factory stops producing that

So my conclusion to those who read this.. well maybe no one visiit my blog.. but nvr mind.. I just wanna tell you SAVE YOUR MONEY WISELY! haha. it's better to use to your own benefits.. if that is super important.. you need to make it as priority.. but if it just as a desire, just think it twice daily. (kejadah?) HAHA

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