Friday, 13 June 2014

Holiday's ended? Oh man..

Holo molo trololo!

It's so sad that my holiday that is 3 weeks near to it's end. I mean, like what?! But never mind, I think I've done it well on it by playing facebook all over the time! LOL! But one of the best and the most thing that I do when I'm surfing internet was, searching lots of questions, and find it on yahoo answers on Google! lol.
Google is my first search engine thou' I'm searching the question using Yahoo!'s help. Lulz again.

Yesterday I've read an article talking about the Alexandria's Genesis, a people who have a so called 'mutation'. This person having a light purple eyes, which superly cool. They don't have any facial and body hair but they do have hair and eyelashes perfectly. Ohman.. that was totally amazing, is that fuckin' 'mutation'? Their eyes, which are super cool purple have a deep and perfectly vision which can see clearly in the darkness (but not fuckin' dark)! They also were reported can live till about  120-130 years old! and for a girl who has this mutation, you don't have any fertilization cycle, that means you do0n't have any period, but you still can have a pregnant. lol.

Actually, I was totally amazed with those who have beautiful eyes, subhanAllah.. especially blue, green hazel and golden eyes. Dark & Brown are so familiar with me, so it won't be so special for me.But you do can change your eye's colour forever by a surgery (yes it does). Just go to youtube to see how the surgery happens. Okay, That's only! I'm going to pack my things and foods cuz tomorrow I'm going to back to my hostel. LOL

Assalamualaikum :) #sorryformybadenglish!

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