Friday, 21 March 2014

How about My Hostel? Hmmm.

Actually this thing aku nak cerita lama dah. Tapi disebabkan aku duduk dkt Hostel, kau pikir aku ade masa ke nak post new things? Of course not k. So now, I'm sitting in front of my computer, wanna write this a bit sad story.

I don't know, I'm lived in hostel, rasa macam nak pengsan! It's all because all of my friends semua dah move to the another school. So aku? budak2 form 5 dkt sini semuanya not my bestfriend sangat la. Aku kawan pun dengan batch2 form 4,3,2, and 1! It's a really sad, since nak kawan pun, takdela rapat sangat, cuz for me, kalau sama umur, lagi rapat. sebab kita sama2 'level'. And kalau bincang bab pelajaran, lagi mudah. cauze kitorg nak ambik SPM tahun ni! It's an Important Years of the HIGHSCHOOL guyss! ohmaan.

I think I wnana get out from this hostel, sincerely, but when I just arrived hostel, I don't know. my advantages of living here is about time of the pray, it's really sistematic. and the problem was my friend was majority were not livning in hostel.

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